We are Norwegian company, with long experience from ingredient processing, feed and pet food industry. MISSION: Our mission is to provide quality services and support for our clients and partners. We want to offer solutions that will make our clients more efficient and competitive on their existing market. Together we want create new markets for our customers. VISION: We want that our partners and clients are comfortable, knowing they have quality and nutritious products developed with our help. We want to be recognized as the keeper of quality and enhancer of profitability for our customers! VALUES: Expertise, Integrity, Quality, Directness, Honesty
We offer all-around concept for ingredients and pet food/feed ndustry by helping our clients and partners to develop or improve their products and services. We have wide network of research institutes and laboratories that we cooperate with. Many years of experience in the industry gives us insight in to your customer and business merits.




    Focus on action, produce the result