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Through our daugter company Nordic Pet Food Events we are working with organisation of pet food events known the NPFE Seminars. Two main event are trade mark of the company. Nordic Pet Food Seminars are geographycally conected to nordic region of Europe and are place for exchange of knowledge and contacts between the pet food manufacturers and ingredient suppliers. This event has for it s purpose to help Nordic Raw Materials Producers and Pet Food Manufacturers to come in to a closer contact and initiate possibility for cooperation. Mediterranean Pet Food Seminar is geographycally conected for Southern and Eastern part of Europe and have for intention to conect pet food manufacturers with raw material  suppliers/producers and services suppliers. In addition to NPFE events, Passion4feed organize courses, workshops and other industry events for the purpose of knowledge transfer and networking opportunity. Please take contact if your company is interesting in similar support!


1st Mediterranean Pet Food Seminar WWW.MEDPETFOOD.COM The organisers of the 1 st  Nordic Pet Food Seminar held in Stavanger, Norway on 17 – 18 Nov 2015, Passion4Feed and Synergy Food Ingredients, are delighted to announce that following the success of the Nordic event the 1 st  Mediterranean Pet Food Seminar will take place in Pula,  Croatia from 4-5. October 2016.  The 1 st  Nordic Pet Food Seminar was attended by nearly 80 delegates from 12 countries and over 50 companies in the petfood industry including petfood producers, raw material suppliers, equipment and instrumentation suppliers and service  industries were represented. Based on feedback from speakers, sponsors and attendees we  believe that there is a need for further networking and educational events around Europe. To satisfy this need, we are pleased to invite you to attend the 1 st  Mediterranean Pet Food Seminar.


Successful 1st Nordic Pet Food Seminar concluded in Stavanger, Norway 17 – 18 November 2015 Described by one attendee as a “Perfect Seminar!” the 1 st  Nordic Pet Food Seminar on the theme  “Fit for the future - Helping your pet food business grow in the 21st Century”, was held recently in  the Norwegian city of Stavanger, 17 – 18 November 2015. Feedback from the event attended by nearly 80 attendees, from 50 companies in 12 countries across the Nordic region and beyond has been extremely positive.
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